Friday, 8 October 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Wolf!

It was the Wolf's birthday last Friday, and even though we aren't together anymore, I still wanted to give him something special. I started painting this coat of arms a while ago, and the other day I came across it and thought I'd finish it off. It's the Wilson (his surname) family crest, which rather fittingly has a wolf on it!

I did it in black ink, watercolour, and gold acrylic on watercolour paper, copying a design from a heraldry book I have. The motto means "He who conquers himself, conquers all". Apparently Scottish coat of arms have the motto above rather than below, and as these are Scottish Wilsons, that's why it's there.

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  1. was looking for some thing like this myself with me dad beening from scotland and im called wolf as well lol