Thursday, 14 October 2010

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

That was the theme of the party I went to last Friday night. I went as the Virgin Mary, complete with a glowing sacred heart and a glowing star halo made of little origami stars wrapped around LED lights (you can't see it very well at this angle). The costume was made of two bed sheets from the op shop.

Here is the sacred heart. After a lot of experimenting, I made it out of papier mached tissue paper over a heart-shaped muffin mould. The LED lights went through a cardboard backing, and the flame was papier mached and then covered in glitter. The little roses came from Lincraft. I've never done any electronics stuff before, so I was pretty pleased with myself. I went to an electronics shop in Thomastown, and spoke to a lovely man called Victor, who called me 'matey' and helped me to work out how I was going to do it all. No soldering whatsoever, but a lot of sticky tape! I'll post some plans of how I did it later, just in case anyone else is interested.

Here I am with Alice from Wamp-Nation, who looked extra classy as usual as a sort of nun.
She is wearing the most amazing chocolate-brown maribou eyelashes!

Also last weekend was my 29th birthday! My brother Zoltan came over from Tasmania for the weekend, which was the best present. We went to see the Tim Burton exhibition on Saturday (we had to queue up for 2 hours), and then on Sunday (my actual birthday) we went to the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. On the way there, we walked through the conservatory in the Fitzroy Gardens.

We are very very tired, lots of staying up late and talking!

Here are some of my appalling photos of the Houpetoun Tea Rooms, which have been in the Block Arcade in the city since 1891. They were set up for the Victorian Ladies Work Association and were named after Lady Hopetoun.

This mirror is so large that I really wonder how they got it into the building. It takes up the whole entire wall!

Some of the cakes in the window. I had a lovely cherry lattice tart, Alice had a pear, lemon and lime tart, and Zoltan had a strawberry sponge.

After that, we went to the Union and just enjoyed the lovely weather with some friends. I got some great presents, including this Hungarian Cookbook, which looks rather good, from Georgia. Also, the Matyo table runner from Alice, which I am going to hang on the wall. Behind that you can just see the Persian carpet that my father sent to me for my birthday.
These Matryoshka Measuring Cups were another present from Alice, which I've been wanting for ages. Each half is a different measurement, and then they all stack inside each other! You can get them at any homewares/cooking shop, such as Cuisine World on Elizabeth St in the city, etc.

And look what William gave me! One of his gorgeous rings from Metal Couture. This one is huge, I should have taken a picture of it on my finger so you could see the size, it's about 1.5 inches high. I was so suprised and pleased.


  1. Wow, that costume is FABULOUS! You are a classic! And Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday! My husband and I were in Melbourne recently and really wanted to go Hopetoun Tea Rooms but it was sooooo busy. Obviously very popular and for good reason!