Thursday, 28 October 2010

Beauty Alphabet - E

"E" is for Eyes and Eyebrows (the focal point of beauty)

"If you want to dazzle your friends, you must have sparkling eyes. Tired eyes do not shine, so -
  • Avoid eye strain - reading in a bad light and squinting in strong sunlight
  • Have your desk placed so that the light so that the light shines onto your work OVER your shoulder. (Your boss will probably help you readjust your table if you ask him nicely.)
Tired eyes should be bathed in a weak solution of boracic acid and lukewarm water. If you can spare ten minutes before you go out, lie down in a darkened room with pads of cotton wool soaked in iced water or cold tea over your eyes.

Here are some hints for correct make-up for eyes and eyebrows.
  • After powdering your face you should brush your eyebrows and eyelashes with a clean brush. Keep a special box for these tiny brushes, as they get very dusty if left with other make-up.
  • Brush mascara on the top lashes only, beginning at the inside corner. When buying mascara, be sure to choose a shade to match your colouring. You don't want to look as if you've got false lashes and this is exactly the effect you will achieve if you use the wrong shade.
  • When your mascara has dried, smear on both upper and lower lashes a light coating of vaseline. This will encourage growth and add lustre to your lashes.
Eyebrows can be treated in much the same way. First brush all traces of powder off with a clean brush.
  • If you use an eyebrow pencil, be sure not to extend the line too far past the end of your eyes. You should keep your pencil sharp and apply it in a strong light with a good mirror.
  • Eyebrows should be plucked from underneath the brow ONLY. Removing the hairs on top will only alter your expression and give you a "vacant" look.
  • If your brows are very untidy it is a good idea to have them professionally plucked the first time, and then you have a line to follow.
  • For a final touch of glamour, there is eye-shadow. There a numerous colours from which to choose - so there is no excuse for using the wrong colour and looking grotesque.
  • Eye-shadow should be smeared on the top of the eyelid and extended out to the edge of the brow.
  • Eye-shadow looks silly at nine o'clock in the morning - but adds just the right touch of sophistication for dates after the sunset."
From The Argus, 12 October 1950.

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  1. so there is no excuse for using the wrong colour and looking grotesque.!!!
    Ha ha ha so funny. I love the beauty alphabet xxx