Thursday, 14 October 2010

Beauty Alphabet - C

This week's Beauty Alphabet from The Argus, 28 September 1950.

"C" is for Chin and Clothes

"It happens so often that women pay too much attention to their faces, and never give a second thought to their necks. And yet, if you look at older women, it is their necks that really belie their increasing age.

To save yourself from this unfortunate dilemma here are one or two exercises and some hints on massage and make-up.

  • First, draw your chin backwards with all the force of the muscles at the back of the neck, and then relax to your normal head position. Repeat 10 times
  • Secondly, make circles with your chin and neck clockwise and anti-clockwise. This will strengthen all neck muscles.
  • Massage a double chin by placing thumbs together under the chin, with other fingers stretched along the jaw line to the top of the ears. Sweep thumbs firmly up to the ear lobes and repeat 20 times.
  • Use a darker foundation under a double chin and you will notice a remarkable difference in your appearance from both front and the side."

I imagine that The Argus exercises are similar to the ones shown above, from Glamour magazine, January 1942. This scan if from Vintage Veta, follow the link for more photos of women making silly faces, and other good stuff.

"Clothes are a woman's chief asset, and they can definitely make or mar a figure that does not conform to a model's measurements.

Choose your clothes carefully - pander to your colouring and and styles that suit you whether they "are the last word in fashion" or not.

Choose a basic colour such as navy, black or brown for your accessories and build your wardrobe around them.

A suit is an essential and so is an overcoat - and preferably in neutral colours so that you can wear almost any colour with them.

You'll find that nine cases out of ten, a simple frock is your best buy, and one that you'll never forget."

(Young as a Girl ad from Modern Mechanix)

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