Thursday, 7 October 2010

Beauty Alphabet - B

The Argus' Beauty Alphabet of 1950 continues with the letter "B". The image above is of course Marilyn Monroe, part of a series of photographs from 1948 presumably for Ladies of the Chorus. See it and the others at Classic Film Heroines.

Backs and Bustlines

"The average woman neglects her back more than any other part of her anatomy - so right from today make a resolution that you will pay attention to your back, so that it will be clear and free from spots.

Remember that when summer comes it is time to don your bathers and sun frocks, and you don't want that murky-looking back showing to the world.

Buy a loofah and scrub your back until it tingles. Soak the loofah in very hot water and work up a really good lather before you relax and remove all traces of soap. When you are drying yourself, make sure that you have a really rough towel, and spare no effort.

No matter in what walk of life, every woman should be particular about the bra she wears and she should be rather extravagant when she buys one. A good firm uplift can work wonders with any bust. For a sagging bustline here are one or two exercises that should prove of infinite value.

Stand with your shoulders well back, tummy in, raise your arms in front at shoulder level, clap your hands in front and behind you and repeat this 20 times.

Bend elbows and raise your arms to shoulder height, place hands at chin level and clench fist and push into palm, alternating hands. The quick jerk pulls on the pectoral muscle."


  1. I love it! Tried both those exercises - first one is great, not sure about the second one though! (after two children I am in definite need of some de-sagging!) I love the ad for the bosom beauty - of course, that pointy bra she is wearing is something else! Glad to see nothing has changed in adverstising - the Gruen Transfer would have a field day with that!
    M x

  2. I must confess I hadn't actually tried those exercises before I posted, but after a quick run through at my desk, I agree that the first one seems much more effective. I think the second one has to be done quite vigorously to produce the required jerk.