Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pencil Sculpting

I usually hate those chain emails that people send around with photos of cute pets and sunsets and crap, but this is kind of amazing. Apologies to anyone who has already seen these photos, but I had to share. Dalton Ghetti takes ordinary lead pencils, and does this...

Originally from Brazil, the 49 year-old carpenter uses a razor blade, sewing needle, and sculpting knife to create these tiny masterpieces. Each one takes several months, although the linked chain one took two and a half years!

I saw an exhibition in Hungary with sculptures of carved rice grains and sugar crystals that were so small that you could only see them with a magnifying glass, but this still impresses me.

One slip of the blade and all your hard work would be over. I like the idea that even old used-up pencils can become something rather amazing. See more of his work at Inhabit.

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  1. Woah..! What fine work... The movement of the artist hand must be quick, short and extremely gentle too.

    Thanks, this was a pleasure to see...