Friday, 24 September 2010

Lady Grey

I'm joining in on the Lady Grey Sew-Along at Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing! I've never taken part in one before, and I'm already a bit behind, as we are meant to start sewing on Monday, and I haven't even bought my fabric or sewn up my muslin yet. I've never sewn a coat or jacket either, but Gertie is putting up step-by-step tutorials on every aspect of making this coat, including how to choose fabric, and how to sew princess seams.

I'm tempted to splash out on a bright coloured fabric, because I think the Lady Grey that the Cupcake Goddess made looks so delicious, but I'll probably stay with a basic black wool (although I'm going to pick a really bright, splashy lining). I don't have a black coat or a black jacket, and I think I should remedy that deficiency in my wardrobe. Plus, wonky seams don't show up so clearly on black as they do on colour! I'm hoping to finish my muslin and buy my fabric this weekend, wish me luck!

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