Monday, 13 September 2010


On Saturday, my cousin Bella and I attended the Lindy Charm School for Girls, at the Glenferrie Hotel. Run by the lovely Miss Chrissy and Miss Kim, it was an afternoon of vintage girly fun. We learned how to set our hair in pincurls, how to do perfect victory rolls, all about vintage foundation garments and underwear, and how to apply makeup in the style of the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

I was lucky to be chosen as the demonstration model for their vintage waist cincher. Like a little corset, it laced up the back and took both Miss Chrissy and Miss Kim to get it done up. Over my clothes, my before measurement was 29", while with the cincher it came down to 26"! Miss Kim makes modern versions out of heavy-weight power mesh, and which do up with hooks and eyes at the front, rather than lacing. They come in two styles, the Hourglass and the Wasp Waist (which is more like the one I am wearing above), both of which are available on the Vintage Charm website.

Doesn't Bella look gorgeous in her 50s makeup? (Even though she wouldn't let me draw her eyebrows on any thicker!) I think she should wear red lipstick all the time.

We met some lovely girls, here I am with Jules, who has the most enviable fringe.

And here is the beautiful Hannah, isn't her hair to die for! I bought a bottle of Essential Setting Lotion, which is amazing, and hopefully after some practice I'll be able to get my hair to do that too! You can buy the setting lotion from Circa Vintage Clothing for $15 a bottle. It's made to the original 1940s recipe, and makes all the difference when you are doing curls and rolls.

On Sunday it was off to the Camberwell Market. I found this great Australian Women's Weekly magazine from 1945, which has a colour special on hats in it. Pictures on Thursday!

I've wanted one of these fold-out sewing boxes for ages, so I was really excited to score this one, which came with all of the stuff inside it too - lace, ricrac, needles, odd buttons, and a whole lot of suspender clasps. It needs a little bit of fixing up, but I'm looking forward to stocking it up with haberdashery and notions!

I couldn't resist these lovely beaded gloves, and one can never have to many Russian floral scarves in one's wardrobe (this is my sixth or seventh).

I was just about to leave when Bella grabbed me and said "What size feet do you have? One of us must be able to squeeze their feet into these shoes!" Luckily they turned out to be just my size. I turned the saturation up in this photo to try and get the colour right, but they are just such an intense royal purple that it's hard to photograph. Of course I have absolutely nothing to wear them with, but I think they are the kind of shoes I'll have to create an outfit around.


  1. Those cinchers are the best thing ever. I bought one after the Charm School too - LOVE it - I can fit into anything now.

    Hannah looks stunning too - so jealous of her hair :-D She's Melbourne's very own Joan Holloway!

  2. Wow, great post. So glad you enjoyed the Lindy Charm school. I am very jealous of your 1945 mag at Camberwell. I am trying to get hold of 50's mags, esp Vogues, but they are soooo expensive! ($50 each!) M x

  3. Wow those gloves are divine! I bought a few new pairs of gloves yesterday - getting quite a collection, but none as fancy as these :D