Sunday, 29 August 2010


There must be some sort of houndstooth in the air in Melbourne at the moment, because Vintage Suburbia just posted about her Pendleton houndstooth suit. Well, this is my little bit of vintage houndstooth, I picked it up at the Camberwell Market a couple of months ago, and bought some long black leather gloves on Etsy to go with it.

I had to get a friend at work to take the photos in the basement of the library, hence the less than inspired background! The suit is lovely and warm to wear, I think it must be early to mid 60s, does anyone have any ideas whether this is right? I'm wearing it with a red top from Cue, and my new Crocs (yes, I can't believe I actually own a pair) which are normal foot shaped, black flocked velvet, and cost me all of $15 on sale at the Crocs shop in Bridge Rd. They are super light and comfy, and plus, you can get them wet!

Speaking of the Camberwell Market, it is really a the most fantastic place to go shopping, like a huge garage sale. It's a bit of a Melbourne institution, and now I have a car, I go most Sundays. You can find some great stuff, last week I got a millinery hat block for $35. This week was very fruitful, you can see from my hoard! The navy checked wool fabric at the back was $10, and I think I shall make a pencil skirt out of it. The navy lace fabric I'm not sure what to do with yet, but it was only $5. There's probably enough for a skirt, perhaps just a simple one with a bit of gathering at the waist? I've never worked with this sort of fabric before, it's quite bulky. Any ideas?

The little metal things are chocolate moulds I think, although they do look like dolly-sized jelly moulds. There's a penguin, a cat, a lamb, a rabbit, a rooster, some weird unidentified animal, and some shapes.

I couldn't resist the cup and saucer set, it has blue violets on it! A lady was looking at it, and I was praying that she would put it down, and when she did I jumped on it.

The book, which was $1, is called Modern Knitting Illustrated, by Margaret Murray & Jane Koster. It is undated, but by the look of the fashions, it must be from the 1940s.

I love this hat and glove combo. The text says "Too good to be true! We'll let you into the secret. This smart hat is simply a circular piece of moss-stitch knitting, like a sock without a foot, arranged on your head in whichever way suits you best." Oh the 1940s, full of cunning little fashion tricks!

I think I want to marry this man.

The hairstyles are glorious, as are the pointy bosoms.

I really want a jaunty hat like the one on the girl leaning against the fireplace. There are tons of patterns for men's, women's and children's clothing, socks and even underwear, plus gloves, a snood pattern or too, and baby clothes.

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  1. Wow, I have 'houndstooth envy'! That jacket is glorious. You got a great stash at Camberwell markets, I have only gone once I have to say, but didn't come back with many bargains. The best stall I found was the vintage jewellery stall by Callie but when I went there were lots of 70's cowboy boots for some bizarre reason- yuch! Love the 40s knitting book too, I am just getting into hats, partic 40's ones to go with my Lilli Ann suits so I'd love to see some of your creations. Mx PS I will fight you over Mr 40's Scarf Man!