Thursday, 26 August 2010

Benjamin Lacombe

About six months ago, I bought a card with this beautiful picture on it, and stuck it above my desk at work. It only occurred to me today to find out a little more about the artist.

His name is Benjamin Lacombe, and he is French. He has illustrated several French children's books, including L'efant Silence, Le Petit Sorcière, and Le Grimoire de Sorcières, and has also done some comics/graphic novels. The painting at the top is "Blanche Neige" (Snow White) from Le Grimoire. This painting is called "Le Forêt d'Épingles" (The Pins' Forest). It's so sweet and cute but sad and creepy at the same time

This is "La Veuve" (The Widow) from Les Contes Macabres. There are a lot of other paintings on his blog, and you can also buy notebooks, stickers, cards and various other bits of stationary at Lamarelle. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, very original, the black widow was a little creepy but definitely unusual! Thanks for the post! Maria