Saturday, 7 August 2010

Another Book

I finally finished this notebook for my friend Vera's birthday, which I'd promised her about two years ago...bad me! It's a hollow-backed book half bound in black leather (which used to be an old skirt) and apple green Arbelave buckram from Artwise Amazing Paper.

The endpapers are a Japanese paper from Kami, which is a wonderful paper shop in Brunswick St, Melbourne. They have drawers and drawers of this type of paper in all sorts of patterns. Heaven!


  1. I love my book, Sophie. Thank you very much. It was worth waiting two years for.

    Also, Kevin's seen your blog and he's very impressed with it!

    Vera x

  2. I found your blog while googling for Russian desinger slava zaitsev.
    After reading some of your posts, I immediately subscribed! I am always so happy to find gems...
    And you knit too!
    Thanks for such a great blog :)

  3. Thanks Nancy! Isn't he an amazing designer. Glad you are enjoying my blog.