Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nice Day for a White Wedding

On the weekend, Georgia had another of her fabulous birthday parties, this one was wedding themed. It was beautifully decorated, with pink fabric bunting hanging up everywhere, balloons, little pink cupcakes, etc.

Georgia was dressed as a wedding bouquet, with all these fabric flowers she had made and real huge leaves stuck to the back of her, and green stalk leaves! Very amusing.

Her sister Camilla had made the best cake outfit I've ever seen, complete with a wedding topper with the bride and groom under a heart-shaped archway on her head!

I decided the day before to go as the Corpse Bride from the Tim Burton movie of the same name. I managed to cobble together a passable outfit from an old wedding dress, two white cheesecloth curtains (for the skirt), a net curtain (for the veil), an old black wig and some fake flowers, plus a lot of blue spraypaint.

Here's a closeup of the bodice, which I made by cutting down the bodice of an old long-sleeved wedding dress, sewing a bra into it, sewing in some corset boning, and adding some pearls. Finally I painted the whole thing with watered-down acrylic paint.

The whole outfit (sorry it's a bit blurry, was using autotimer on my camera). I wish I'd had time to paint a skeleton arm on, but by that stage I was getting a bit over the whole thing. It was a lot of work to do in two evenings.

There were lots of good costumes, but I did like this man's confetti suit. So simple yet effective. I think they were actually sticky dots.

Here's Alice from WAMP Nation spinning some cool tunes...

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  1. Love your Corpse Bride look - absolutely fantastic!