Wednesday, 9 June 2010

La Dolce Bambola

Even dollies are going pinup! I saw this gorgeous one, La Dolce Bambola by Jung Hee Park, in Haute Doll magazine. She is a 29cm high, ball-jointed doll, and comes with three complete outfits - a striped corset with stockings, a casual outfit of a checked shirt and denim shorts, and a pink satin evening dress with black gloves and tiny pink high heels.

Her accessories include 50s cats-eye sunglasses with hinged arms, a white leatherette handbag which really opens, a metal hand mirror, and two scarves.

She also has two resin wigs, one in a Bettie Page style with a fringe, the other with curls at the front. The details of her jewellery are amazing, look at her little pearl drop earrings and tiny brooch!

Here is a closeup of how the little shoes are made by hand. She comes with a pink pair with a gold stud at the front, and a red pair too. See Bambola World on Flickr for more pictures.

Unfortunately, she is a little outside my price range, so I can only dream!

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