Thursday, 10 June 2010

Kim Hargreaves

I'm having a knitting renaissance at the moment (my enthusiasm tends to wax and wane), which is probably due to the colder weather, and the fact that all I want to do is snuggle up to the heater. On the hunt for inspiration, I discovered Kim Hargreaves and her lovely, feminine knitting patterns. They are quite wearable without being dull, and have interesting textures and nice fitted waists. The photography in her books is also in the Rowan kind of vein (gorgeous girls with long hair, lovely locations, everything beautifully styled), so it's a bit of eye candy too. Here are some of my favourites.

This is Bloom, from the Amber Collection. Okay, so maybe I wouldn't have been drawn to this quite so much if it wasn't shown in my all-time favourite colour, but I do adore square necks.

From the same collection, Ginny. I've always been fond of bishop sleeves, and I like the waist detailing and the moss stitch bottom third.

Oh look! Bishop sleeves and a square neck! Hooray for Still. The ribbing in pink does make it look a bit marshmallowy, so perhaps another colour?

Lately I've been dreaming about sewing a fitted jacket with a peplum. I think it might be a bit beyond my current abilities, but then I saw Beatrix, and realised that perhaps I could just knit one instead!

I really like the texture of moss stitch (although it is a bit of a pain to knit) and the shape looks like it would flatter curves beautifully. It's shown here knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed, which also comes in a grey called, deliciously, Dragon.

The latest collection is called Misty. I do like this pattern, Petal, which is a little bit like a short-sleeved version of Bloom, with texture instead of beads. It's knitted in Rowan Fine Milk Cotton, so I'm dubious about whether it would hold it's clinging shape for very long, but it looks like a sweet summery knit.

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