Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm a Little Teapot

A friend from work mentioned that his wife was looking for a tea cosy, so I offered to knit one. Searching on Ravelry for a suitable pattern, I came across this wonderful one for an Anna Karenina Tea Cosy! I am enchanted by the details, such as the fuzzy white muff which can be removed, and the fact that you can slip her little hood off, and underneath she has Tymoshenko-style braided hair.

The pattern is from HandMadeAwards, which is run by three women from their home in Spain. The patterns are designed Monica, knitted by her mother Loly, and translated into PDFs by her sister Christina! There are several other very cute ones, including a nun and Little Red Riding Hood.

Unfortunately, I couldn't persuade my friend to let me knit Anna Karenina for his wife, so instead I'm going to knit this 1940s Inspired Tea Cosy, which is a free pattern. I think I might just have to knit Anna for myself...

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