Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Club Rakkasah

On Sunday I went to Club Rakkasah, which is a big belly dancing night held a couple of times a year. This time it was in the Thornbury Theatre, which is huge, and has a parquet dance floor and walls and ceiling which are all molded and painted in gold and white. One can imagine girls in big tulle dresses with sequinned bodices and corsages, slow dancing with boys in tuxes at a 1950s prom. However, this night it was filled with gorgeous belly dancers instead. The theme was Out of Africa, hence all the leopard print. I didn't manage to take very many photos, because my silly camera was running out of batteries, but here are a few.

The guest dancer was Belynda Azhaar, who is originally from Australia, though she lives in Korea now. She did a couple of dances, and held two free workshops before the performance. Apparently her costumes are of the type that is very fashionable in Egypt at the moment, but they weren't really to my taste.

Andea Makris from Underbelly danced with one of her classes, and then again solo. She is such fantastic performer, fun and sexy without being sleazy, and she uses a lot of folkloric moves in her choreography. I loved her outfit too!

And of course the lovely Prue Welsh, who always looks fantastic. Prue studied ballet for years, so she has a very graceful style which is very feminine, but her interest in burlesque and fifties style gives it a playful, cheeky edge. I might be a bit biased, because I take classes with her, but I think she is an excellent teacher. She's very warm and friendly, but she's not afraid to correct you, which I think is important. Prue also just passed her exams for her Clinical Pilates certificate, and she is passionate about how pilates can improve dancers' posture and movement, so she incorporates pilates exercises into her lessons.

There were lots of other performers, including Melusina, Dark Djinn, Pamela's Harem, and even a male belly dancer who's name escapes me at this moment. There was even a fashion parade of belly dance costumes, I particularly liked this Japanese inspired one above, and those cool silk fans. It's a fun night, with a DJ and lots of dancing between the performances, and it's nice to catch up with old teachers and people from the belly dance world.

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