Thursday, 27 May 2010

I Want a House Like This

What are these amazing, crazy houses? Travelling through Romania, I saw a few of these enourmous, bizarre looking houses, and was surprised to discover that they were Gypsy mansions. Although the Roma are traditionally nomadic, in a lot of places in Eastern Europe, they have settled down, and some of the very wealthy have commissioned these fantastical houses, which are a glorious mish-mash of architectural styles from around the world. This one (I think it is two views of the same house) seems to have gone with a Chinese pagoda touch for the roof.

What do they look like inside? Pretty much like the exteriors, the owners have gone for a delicious combination of super-bright colours, Persian carpets, religious pictures, antlers, and decorative wall mouldings. Super kitsch and over-the-top, I adore them!

All the photos are from Carlo Gianferro's two books, Gypsy Architecture and Gypsy Interiors. Check out the galleries of photos from the two books for more amazing pictures.

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  1. They so bright and colourful! I remember seeing some of these when I went to Romania last too :-D Though I never went inside - they make me think of our 'wog mansions' that we have here in Melbourne too - all the clashing patterns and ostentatious luxury - think Franco Cozzo! Heh :-D