Thursday, 15 April 2010

Singin' in the Rain

You probably can't believe that I watched Singin' in the Rain for the first time last week (I blame a childhood lacking in television), but it was a delightful if rather silly musical, though I had no idea that it was set in the 1920s. My favourite bit was the costumes of course.

This was the only photo I could find online of Kathy's pink costume, which she wears as a caberet girl after bursting out of a cake (I've always wanted to see a lady jump out of a cake in real life). You can't make it out very well, but that gold criss-crossy bit on the hip is actually a pocket, out of which she tossed things (sweets?) to the guests. I also rather like Lina Lamont's mint green dress with the silver beaded fringing (she's just had cake thrown in her face by accident).

Cyd Charisse wears this delightful emerald green number in the 'Broadway Melody' number. I love her matching green shoes, and wondered as she was dancing, how she managed to keep them on! They have no straps or anything.

While not as flattering, this photo shows the outfit better.

My all time favourite outfit though, is only shown for a few seconds. Judy Landon plays Olga Mara, the silent screen vamp, who arrives at a film premiere at the beginning of the film, wearing this stunning black sequined dress with spider web beading. So deliciously gothic! Apparently the character was based on Pola Negri and Gloria Swanson.

(I pinched these screenshots from Miss Wojtyla, check it out for more screenshots where you can see her headdress better).

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