Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Darling Dita

I know there are quite a few people out there who don't like Dita von Teese, for various reasons, but you have to admire the sheer artifice of her look. I can't help but be impressed with the amount of effort she puts into looking impeccable at all times. She is first and foremost a performer, and her face is her fortune, as it were. God knows what is says about her personally, that she remains in character as Dita rather than Heather Sweet (her real name) offstage as well as on. But she is certainly delightful to look at, and I always salute people who make a sartorial effort and provide some eye candy!

What I'm most interested in, is what she wears during the day, her "ordinary" clothes as opposed to the ones she wears to red carpet events. Clothes that mere mortals can actually relate to (though probably not afford). Most of these photos are from JustJared.

Firstly, a few coats. A lovely tartan trench coat, paired with a black straw beret, opaque black tights and black heels.

Even when leaving the gym, Dita looks chic, using a leopard-print scarf and a matching bag to glam up a plain black coat and black flats with bows.

Looking amazing in Paris in a wonderful 40's style turban, black fur coat over a black dress, and square-toed black satin heels. Note the tasteful gold accessories - small earrings and bracelet, and she's even matched it with the black patent bag with gold hardware.

What does Miss von Teese wear when she goes to the supermarket? Why, spike heels of course! I love this rather demure dress that still manages to be very sexy, and the shoes with their diamante decoration at the front are totally over the top.

Another trip to the supermarket, this time in a double-breasted red coat, with very full bishop sleeves, and black Mary Janes.

Here is Dita in a lovely emerald jersey dress from Rachel Pally, which she has teamed with a leopard-print clutch, sunglasses and heels. I love the full bishop sleeves which are gathered into a long, tight cuff, and the gathered side panels of the skirt.

A very pretty 50s style frock, which looks like it is made of a heavy satin. Matching black satin heels with square toes and a red patent bag.

Below is a selection of50s style sundresses, including an amazing one with 3-dimensional red flowers that has got to be vintage.

For a more preppy look, Dita likes sweaters or cardigans with bows and collars.

A nice wintery look in vintage Dior. An interesting idea to team a short-sleeved wool (?) dress with over-the-elbow black leather gloves, but it seems to work quite well.

For as near to relaxed as Dita gets, we can see her at the Coachella Music Festival. No gumboots here. Instead, she sports one of my favourite outfits, a red and white playsuit with wedges, and of course a parasole to protect that lily-white skin. I love her cherry necklace and that natty little hat.


  1. I like how she wears a modern hand bag with a vintage outfit so she doesn't look like she's in a period drama. She does look retro but it seems she has enough style to make it look so relevant. It's ever so slightly mixed up. I love her. Who doesn't?
    i bet she's polite and considerate too

  2. She has said in various interviews that she always wears vintage-style undergarments, meaning stockings, garter belts, corsets, girdles, etc, almost all the time. She's also said that she favors vintage robes and nightgowns for lounging at home and wears black knee pants and a black leotard top to the gym, never sweats. She says she doesn't own and would never wear jeans or sweats, though I did see a picture of her at another Coachella festival in some 1940s-style sailor pants that looked like they might be denim. You'd think for all I've learned about her that I would like her, but one does suspect she may be a bit shallow and superficial. I do like her knowledge of fashion history, though. She knows to the exact year what her favorite styles are, responding to a question about her hair preferences with, "My favorite hairstyles are from 1939 to 1941." Wow.

  3. Piroska thankyou so much for commenting on my blog, that tartan photo of dita was actually part of my inspiration for the Tartan outfit and when I googled it, it was how I found your wonderful blog! :) This is a great post, I also adore her everyday class. x