Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We Love Big Hair

I was invited to a Big Hair party a couple of weeks ago, which I was delighted about. I've always wanted bigger, higher, thicker, generally MORE hair, so this was my chance to have my dream hair for a night! I was accompanied by the High Priest and Priestess of Giant Hair, my friend Johnikins and my cousin Alice (from Wamp-Nation).

Back in the day they both had amazing mohawks (as you can see above, John had two) and everything I know about hairspray, crimping and back-combing I learned from them. John, who is now a sensible grownup (haha) with a sensible grownup hairstyle, put his skills to work on a wig, and Alice wore her new noodle hairpieces. You can see the giant can of Cedel Hairspray in the background, which had smoke coming out of the nozzle! So clever.

I achieved my look with the help of a wig attached to the back of my head, some extra pieces of hair, and a lot of teasing and hairspray.

This is our lovely hostess, Georgia. She always has the best parties, and of course giant rabbit ears.

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