Thursday, 17 December 2009

On the Move

I've just finished moving house, and I'm so glad that it's over! My new place is a rather grotty one bedroom flat, but the location is quite good, closer to work and shops and public transport. I'm going to be living alone for the first time in my life, which I'm both nervous and excited about.

I think the previous tenant must have been a smoker, as the walls and ceilings are coated with a layer of orangey-brown which I presume is nicotine. Yuck! The carpet is also quite disgusting, and although the agent swears that it was steam cleaned, I cleaned a small patch last night and was able to get most of the dirt out, so I think she might have been telling me porkies. Ah well, the water pressure in the shower is much better than in my old place, so I'll have to be thankful for small mercies. I'm sure with a good scrubbing and perhaps a coat of paint and some new curtains, it will be vastly improved. I used Man with a Van to move my furniture, and if you live in Melbourne I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were friendly and super fast and efficient, and didn't cost that much either.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

We Love Big Hair

I was invited to a Big Hair party a couple of weeks ago, which I was delighted about. I've always wanted bigger, higher, thicker, generally MORE hair, so this was my chance to have my dream hair for a night! I was accompanied by the High Priest and Priestess of Giant Hair, my friend Johnikins and my cousin Alice (from Wamp-Nation).

Back in the day they both had amazing mohawks (as you can see above, John had two) and everything I know about hairspray, crimping and back-combing I learned from them. John, who is now a sensible grownup (haha) with a sensible grownup hairstyle, put his skills to work on a wig, and Alice wore her new noodle hairpieces. You can see the giant can of Cedel Hairspray in the background, which had smoke coming out of the nozzle! So clever.

I achieved my look with the help of a wig attached to the back of my head, some extra pieces of hair, and a lot of teasing and hairspray.

This is our lovely hostess, Georgia. She always has the best parties, and of course giant rabbit ears.