Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Babies in Skeleton Suits are the Best

I love Halloween. There's something about the combination of dressing up and eating lollies that is so appealing, and this is increased tenfold by the fact that at Halloween it all has a spooky theme. It's like everyone has to be a goth for the day! Admittedly, Halloween is not that big in Australia, in fact, most people I spoke to (ok, burbled excitedly at) didn't even know when it was! For shame! (By the way, the child in that photo is the son of friends of ours, I wish they would dress him in a skeleton suit all the time).

Anyway, inspired by Martha Stewart, I decided this year to host a Halloween Tea Party. I planned and shopped and fiddled around for about three weeks organising it, only to have the weather turn out to be 30 degrees Celcius on the day, and unbearably humid! I cooked from ten in the morning till about half-past-two in the afternoon, and nearly died in the heat from the oven. We couldn't even have the candles lit in the living room because it was so terribly hot with all those extra little flames.

Anyway, it was sort of a success. Here is the first Jack-o'-Lantern I have ever carved. The Wolf designed the face, and I scooped it's guts out with a bent spoon and made them into pumpkin pie!

You can't really see, but there are some lovely handmade pumpkin candles that I got from A Little Light in Westgarth. This photo from their site that shows them much better.

These are the yummy treats I made. Most of them are inspired by good old Martha Stewart, but I tended to use recipes from Nigella Lawson because I find her baking recipes are pretty failsafe. Note the tablecloth made from an old sheet that I potato printed with jack-o'-lanterns. Such fun! I made Meringue Bones with Raspberry Cream, Coffin Brownies (using a Nigella Lawson recipe though), Spiderweb Cupcakes (another Nigella recipe), Halloween shaped biscuits, Savory Pumpkin Puffs, and a pumpkin pie from the Moosewood Cookbook which is a real winner. Here are photos of my biscu

Here I am enjoying our garden in the extreme heat, taken by the lovely Denise.

By the evening I really wanted to lie down and die, but I had a Halloween party to go to. This was when I wondered to myself why I had chosen to go dressed as an Egyptian Mummy! Here are some preparations for my costume a few days earlier. Metres of cheesecloth ripped into bandages and stained with tea, and a papier mache crook and flail, and Nefertiti headdress.

And here is the finished result. I forgot to take photos until we were outside in the dark at the party, hence the crappy image. I was also in extreme discomfort at this point, and really just wanted to go home and take it all off.