Sunday, 25 October 2009

More Presents

How could I forget two of my loveliest presents? This gorgeous Mexican tin mirror is from one of my oldest friends, who loves Mexican stuff as much (if not more) than me, so I'm very grateful that he decided to give this to me rather than keep it for himself! It's so Frida Kahlo-ish, I've hung it in my hallway next to my antique velvet crucifix that came from a Paris flea market.

This bolero was a present from my father, who brought it back from Hungary with him. It's a stunning example of Matyo embroidery, the colours are amazing. I know from experience how difficult it is to get the stitches this neat and even!

Apparently it dates from the 70's, and was made for a television show. Although it doesn't seem to be an authentic Hungarian folk garment (Matyo waistcoats being rather plainer with this kind of embroidery more often used on aprons and shirt sleeves), the flowers are traditional Matyo ones. The stylised flowers and super-bright colours give it a slightly psychadelic air, more so that any other Hungarian embroidery I've seen before, and I wonder if that is the 70's influence coming through!

Here are some close up photos. You can see how thick and dense the embroidery is, every single inch is covered. I feel so lucky to be able to see a piece like this up close, let alone own it.

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  1. Amazing craftmanship on the vest. You can tell it has the 70's vibe, very 'yellow submarine'. I am in awe of the stitching, as embroidery is one of my new forays into the life of a homemaker.