Friday, 2 October 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Wolf!

Yesterday was the Wolf's birthday. We had a very nice time at the pub in the evening with all our friends, and he got some great presents, including a new iPod, and a rather elegant pool cue. From me there was this wolf shadow puppet brooch from Lola & Bailey, who I think are based in Melbourne. They make a range of these enamel pieces with various animals, including a squirrel and a giraffe, and they come as brooches or pendants in two different sizes.

The Wolf is rather partial to a nice bar of soap, so I went to Kleins and bought the gothiest soap I could find, Mor Cosmetics Onyx Currant soap, which smells divine.

I also bought him this t-shirt, by local label Lychee. It's very fine cotton with the design screen-printed on it. It's hard in the summer when you only wear black, so this is a nice compromise - white but still goth-appropriate!

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