Sunday, 18 October 2009

Birthday Goodies

Here are some of the lovely things I received for my birthday. The Babushka dolls were from my sister. The smallest one is not even the size of a pea, and it opens up! The Turkish plate is from my mother, and the Russian lacquered box in the middle of it is from my brother. The box was actually meant to be a Christmas present for last Christmas, my brother bought it when he went to St Petersburg, but then he put it somewhere 'safe' and couldn't find it! Finally he sent it to me, just in time for my birthday.

Here is a closeup picture of it. The painting is so fine and delicate, they must use the most miniscule brushes to paint the detail. The story is The Scarlet Flower, which is a Russian version of Beauty and the Beast. There isn't actually a scene in the story where the girl sees the scarlet flower growing, but this seems to be a common illustration for this tale. To read the story and to see some more examples of Russian painted boxes based on this tale, click here.

The Wolf gave me this fantastic necklace, which I am calling my Lucky Star necklace. It's from Metal Couture, which is where all my favourite jewellery comes from. I'm in love with horseshoes at the moment.

The black drop bracelet and matching earrings are from my friend Mike and his wife in Tasmania. I'm actually going to turn it into a necklace by adding a piece of chain, as I really need a black necklace, and I think this would be perfect. The charm bracelet underneath wasn't a birthday present at all, but it is new, and quite cute I think. It's from Release the Hounds in Smith St. I've got an idea to get myself a proper silver one with the same theme, kind of a Vegas magician's assistant charm bracelet.

This box (another present from my mother) should appeal to all the sewers (people who sew, not drains!) out there. It's inlayed with mother-of-pearl buttons, how charming! It would be perfect for keeping buttons or any other sewing-related paraphanelia in, but I'm using it for my ever-expanding collection of brooches. One of these is this glass one backed with Japanese paper, and was a birthday present from my friend Paul the Librarian. It's going straight onto the collar of my 40s tweed winter coat.

When you work in a bookshop, people don't tend to give you books, which is quite daft, as I absolutely love them, and can't possibly have enough. Luckily Morgan, Cinty and Alex weren't fooled, and gave me these excellent books, which I am going to go and tuck into right now!


  1. There appears to be one present not featured here. If I recall correctly it came in some delightful wrapping paper adorned with virile young men.

  2. Oh my god, how could I forget?!! Will amend that oversight immediately!

  3. anonymous i love you! that bow your mother gave you is the most beautiful box ever. xxx