Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ahoy me Hearties!

What a lovely birthday I had! The weather, which has been abysmal lately, came out all bright and sunny, and quite warm. I was given some fantastic presents (more about them in a later post), and had a great evening with my friends at the pub. Here I am being sung the loudest rendition of Happy Birthday I have ever experienced!
Best of all, three of my girl friends baked the most amazing pirate ship cake! My photograph doesn't do it justice at all. It was sponge covered in chocolate buttercream icing (which I adore) and was surrounded by blue crepe paper waves. There was a giant purple octopus attacking it from the side.

Look, there was even a chocolate plank for prisoners to walk! The Maltesers in the 'water' are canon balls of course.

My favourite part was the little treasure chest made out of a mini Bounty, and filled with sparkling cashews and gum drops. Genius!

The next day was my uncle Peter's birthday, so we had a family lunch at my aunt and uncle's place. I wore my new dress, which was a big hit. The crinoline I wore underneath was so huge, when I got in the taxi to go there, I hardly fit in, there was so much net and skirt! In this photo I am trying in vain not to let my metal-tipped stilettos sink into the lawn!


  1. Boldog szülinapot kívánok!
    Eredeti a torta,és csinos a ruha

    A hímzést a TE rajzodról nyugodtan felteheted:)))
    Örülök,ha tetszik

  2. Happy belated B! Plus that is just the coolest cake ever!!!