Thursday, 3 September 2009


(I'm trying a new font here because I think the other one is a touch too small for comfortable reading.)
Last night I went to the see Illustre 09, the NMIT and Chisholm Institute Diploma of Illustration graduate show at Chapel off Chapel. There were a lot of really interesting pieces, and everything was very professional looking.

This is one of the works by Pauline Matthewman, who has a great retro style, very clean. Click on the picture to check it out in detail, it's rather amusing! I love the pink and red colour combination. Check out her blog here for more artwork.

I fell in love with and purchased a beautiful small pen and ink drawing by Ben Lopez, who did the illustration of the flyer above. It's very intricate, black and white with touches of red, and lots of fishhooks. Unfortunately I don't know if he has a website, but I'll post a picture of the drawing I bought when I pick it up.

Meanwhile, if you are in Melbourne, the exhibition is running for a couple of weeks, and is worth having a look at.


  1. Thanks heaps chickadee! Loving the blog and your retro stylings! I have a piece that I am working on right now called koo koo baby and I was wondering if you would mind if I based it on the pic of you in the jungle banana fruity fun outfit! Had other plans for it, but you're perfect!

  2. Thank you, I'm so flattered! I love your work and would be over the moon if you used the banana picture as inspiration!

  3. I went ahead and started work on it anyways and now have a sketch ready for my first koo koo baby! Will email you a copy when it's finished. :D