Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Offer of a Rose

I've been experimenting with a new drawing style, just for something different, and this is my first drawing. This is just a scan of it with no touching up (I had to scan it at work), and I'd like to have a go colouring some of it in on the computer. The style is based on drawings that my father used to do in the 60s, which were in turn based on Hungarian folk art. His drawings were more stylised and complicated than this, but this is my take on it.

The man is wearing an embroidered shepherd's cloak from the Puszta, the Great Plains. The girl is wearing a costume from Sióagárd, like the little girls in the photo below. Check out the bobbly stockings worn by the girl on the right! I love Hungarian folk costumes, they are very colourful and beautifully made, and there is a lot of regional differences. Perhaps I will do a little series of drawings of folk costumes from various areas in Hungary.


  1. oh my goodness pookroska... gorgeous amazing. the pinacle! i am so impressed. ah great new direction.
    braaaaaaaaaaap! xxxx

  2. Nagyon tetszik ez a rajz.Remélem nem haragszol,hogy én megpróbálom ezt kihímezni ,majd kékfestővel kombinálom,és egy norvég csajnak küldöm a Helen Stitcher's Angels project keretében...ugye nem bánod?

  3. Igen, nem baj! Boldog vagyok a rajzot szeret.(Sajnos nagyon rossz Magyarul beszélek). I would love to see a photo of it when you have finished, and I am very happy that you like the picture!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful drawing!

    Is your father Hungarian?

    Rózsaszín Pöttyök from Hungary.

  5. Yes, my father is Hungarian. He was born in Transylvania but grew up in Budapest, and left in the 60s. Unfortunately he didn't teach me or my brother Hungarian, so I am trying to learn some now, but it is so difficult!

  6. Keep on, you will be better step by step. It's easy to practice, you just come along to any Hungarian blogs and just comment. If you ask us to help you in correcting (if you need it), we'll be glad to do so. ;-)

    Anyway, there are Hungarian communities in Australia as far as I know...