Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Offer of a Rose

I've been experimenting with a new drawing style, just for something different, and this is my first drawing. This is just a scan of it with no touching up (I had to scan it at work), and I'd like to have a go colouring some of it in on the computer. The style is based on drawings that my father used to do in the 60s, which were in turn based on Hungarian folk art. His drawings were more stylised and complicated than this, but this is my take on it.

The man is wearing an embroidered shepherd's cloak from the Puszta, the Great Plains. The girl is wearing a costume from Sióagárd, like the little girls in the photo below. Check out the bobbly stockings worn by the girl on the right! I love Hungarian folk costumes, they are very colourful and beautifully made, and there is a lot of regional differences. Perhaps I will do a little series of drawings of folk costumes from various areas in Hungary.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Summer Wardrobe Inspiration

Oh dear, I haven't been able to post for ages because my computer has died! What a bore. So I can't upload any photos, and I've been making heaps of things. It's so frustrating. So I'll have to content myself with this: some inspiration for my summer wardrobe, which I'm already planning as I want to sew the majority of it, and that takes time.

Above is the ever-lovely Dita Von Teese, who is always immaculately dressed. I love the combination of the black and white with the red trim, and thought it might be rather nice if I made up the dress in the pattern below, either in a white and black spot, or black and white gingham, with red piping and buttons. I admit the yellow is rather jolly, but not so practical. I'm tempted to make the matching bolero too, there's something so fifties about matching dresses and jackets. Not sure about the flower on the pocket, although I like the idea of the pocket itself. None of my clothes have pockets, and they are so useful.