Wednesday, 20 May 2009


The end of term performance for my belly dancing school is fast approaching, so I'm in costume making mode again. This performance will be the last one, as the school is closing down at the end of the term. Luckily the teachers are going to continue holding classes at other venues, but it will be quite sad as there will be no more of those big end of year Bazaars.

Below you can see the bits and pieces for my Belly Burlesque outfit. The dance is to Congo Twist by the Revels, and we are going with a sort of jungle/Hawaiian/Carmen Miranda/Josephine Baker theme - think leopard print, grass skirts, fruit on the head, and plastic bananas! We had a real problem finding bananas, so finally someone in the class did a bulk order and they should be arriving soon. It's going to be very silly and over the top camp.

The red and silver stuff is for our veil dance, to the piece Desert Wind by Cyber Ethnic. I love veil dances because they look so elegant, and Prue wants us to wear chiffon skirts I'm going to use my white circle chiffon skirt from last year with my red velvet Turkish coin belt, and a red veil.. The starry velvet is to make a bra out of, and I'm going to add lots of pearl necklaces.

I loved the look of this Buttercup Bag which I made from a free pattern by Rae, which you can find here. It actually turned out much smaller than I anticipated (although you can make it out of a fat quarter, so I should have twigged) but it is still very sweet and quite easy. I wish I had used something a bit stiffer (this is just cotton) or used some interfacing, especially in the handle, as it is slightly floppy and needs a bit more substance. It doesn't gape quite like that by the way, I was just trying to show off my leopard print lining!

My Cherry cardigan is progressing slowly, mostly because I am having to fiddle around with the maths to make the waist smaller (ok, also because I'm lazy), but I'm loving the little cables, and the yarn is divine, so soft and silky. The angora bits tend to shed a bit and go up my nose and all over my black skirts, but who cares? Not me!

I'll leave you with a few things I found at my favourite op-shop the other day for, on the way back from the dentist. Here is a lovely handmade Art Deco style tablecloth, in immaculate condition, it was only $20. I'm guessing 1930s? It's quite large and oval, and comes with six napkins. I don't have a table large enough to put it on at the moment, so it is folded up in my bottom drawer, hence the creases.

All those green squares are appliqued on with the most minute stitches, and the roses are slightly raised. I think I would go blind if I had to do this type of embroidery.

I am so pleased with this saucer and plate (if only there was the teacup!) which are both decorated with the most lovely playing card motif. Am hunting down a matching cup as we speak. Imagine having a whole teaset with this design. Gorgeous.

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  1. Sorry for the coment on this really really old blog - I was stumbling along on my blog reader and ran into it...I love your small plate and saucer with the playing cards (on a side note I just learned very recently that these sets were created for tea leaf reading which I thought was very interesting).