Tuesday, 31 March 2009

At Last, the Dress

I finally got around to taking a photograph of the dress that has given me so many problems. I had to cut my head out though, as I was having a terribly ugly day. It ended up fitting quite nicely, but it really needs a crinoline petticoat under it to lift the skirt up and out, so I haven't worn it out in public yet. Also, I wonder if it needs a couple more lines of ricrac above the ones that are already there. Would five rows be better than three? It takes an amazing amount to go around the skirt, metres and metres. Anyway, I have a black tulle crinoline on laybuy at Circa, so I will take another photo of the dress with the petticoat under it.

I have been doing lots of creative things, I have a new spotty skirt, a sweater which is about half and hour away from being finished, and a mitten to show you, so I promise I will be back soon with photographic evidence!


  1. What a darling dress. I was imagainging some ric rac around skirt bottoms for this summer! Good job! My sewing has taken a backseat for awhile, as I need to get my dining room done and my veg fence up before I can get to my 'new' sewing studio.

  2. another gorgeous photo of you , well sans head , yes more ric-rac!!! xxxx beautiful fit

  3. What a great dress! Very practical but still chic. Thanks for the photo.