Thursday, 29 January 2009

Vile Weather

It is insanely hot here at the moment, yesterday was 41°C (106°F for you Americans) and today will reach a top of 43°C (109°F)!!! As we have no airconditioning, it was 34°C (93°F) inside the house, and it didn't really cool down at all overnight. We have two more days of weather in the 40s, then it should start becoming more reasonable. I personally loathe hot weather, so I've had a terrible time.

Yesterday was my day off, so the Wolf and I just sat on the sofa in our underwear and watched most of season one of Mad Men. For those who don't know, Mad Men is a fantastic new tv series from Showtime set in New York in 1960. It follows the lives of a group of executives who work in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue. The plot and acting are great, and the costumes are really authentic. I particularly like Betty's candy-striped dresses with their tulle petticoats (although in the picture below she's wearing a floral number), and Joan's (centre) sexy office wear.


  1. I adore mad men. There is a season two that was on last year here in the usa as well. The new season will be sometime this year, but I will not be able to watch it until I return to the future in 2010, but then I will just relish it all the more. I will have had a year of garter belts, stockings, summer gloves, hats and girdles to sympathize with the characters. I cannot take hot weather and I cannot even IMAGINE what 100 degrees feels like. It is winter here in New England and the summers where I live near the ocean usually only ever get as hot as low 80's. I am sorry for your heat, think cool thoughts!

  2. I thought I would ask you as you are Australian. I just tonight did an interview for abc brisbane morning drivetime show and was wondering if you have heard of it. They gave me this link to their website but I am not sure if I am going to be able to ever hear it. I just thought I would ask you if you knew of it. Thanks.

  3. How interesting! I think each capital city has it's own ABC radio station, so I would not hear the Brisbane one as I am in Melbourne. However, it does look as if on their site you can listen to the radio over the internet, so perhaps you can do that? Do you know what day you are going to be on? I would love to hear you speak. ABC radio is quite classy.