Friday, 23 January 2009

Illustration Friday - 'Pale'

I've finally been able to participate in Illustration Friday again (although I'm almost too late!). This week's topic was 'Pale' and I instantly thought of Snow White, who is one of my favourite fairytale characters, along with Little Red Riding Hood of course. I coloured this rather hastily on Gimp, so it is a little rough, but I think with some time spent on shading the dress and tidying up the red bits, it could be quite a nice picture. Click on it for a bigger view.

Also, here is my Christmas present from the Wolf, another beautiful ring from Metal Couture. I've always been enamoured by Catholic imagery, so I love those flaming Jesus and Mary hearts. I am running out of fingers now, so this had to be for my little finger.


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  2. what a lovely drawing. I don't know what gimp is (not just because I live in 1955 either,) what is it? I think it is really beautiful. What is illustration fridays? Can anyone do it?

  3. Thanks for the compliment!
    Gimp is a really useful graphics editor, which is similar to Photoshop, but free. Illustration Fridays is a site where they choose a word every Friday, and you can link to an illustration of your interpretation of the word. Anyone can have a go, and it's great fun.

  4. Hey I am dying for my heart ring. dying! Hey this is my blog now . iys with marawa and paulie too. yeay! xxxx