Sunday, 21 December 2008

My Bloggerversary

It's been one year since I started blogging, I can't believe it's gone so quickly! I've had a great time and just want to thank anyone who's read my blog, and especially those who commented.

I was sad to hear that 50's pin-up icon Bettie Page died last week, aged 85. She didn't have a particularly happy life, but she really enjoyed posing for both her cheesecake and bondage-style photos, and you can see it in her face. Even when she is trying to look stern or sexy, there's a mischievous twinkle in her eye! Her trademark look has has such a huge influence on popular culture, that she will be remembered for a very long time.

Speaking of burlesque, here my finished costume for the Belly Burlesque class. It took so long to make, and ended up costing me about $200 for the whole lot (including silver sparkly peep-toe tango shoes which you can't see), but I think it was worth it.

As you can see, the other girls in the class also put a huge amount of time and effort into their costumes, and the result is gorgous! You can see me at the back in the middle. It felt so decadent with all the rhinestones and feathers, and the dance went really well. The whole night was such fun, I think it was probably the best Bazaar we have had so far.

Here is a look at the bra and belt, the belt was made from scratch, and I bought a white padded bra and covered it. The neck strap looks funny because it is a sequin casing for elastic, so it stretches out when you put it on. I ended up cheating and hot-glue gunning the flowers on the bra, and I also used hot glue for the sequin trim, but everything else was sewn on by hand. I had a callous on my middle fingertip from pushing the needle through!

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