Saturday, 29 November 2008

This little piggy went to eBay...

This little piggy got a bit carried away and bid on 12 Australian Home Journal magazines! They arrived yesterday and I haven't even had time to look at them yet. Most of them are from 1952 for some reason, but there are some from '53, '54 and '56. The delicious thing is, that each one comes with patterns for the clothing shown on the front cover, mostly dresses but sometimes ladies' suits or children's clothing too. Of course they are also full of wonderful old advertisments and knitting patterns and weird 50s recipes. I know what I'll be doing all weekend...

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Stitch Magazine

Interweave Press (who publish Interweave Knits, Spin Off, and other nice magazines) have just put out a new sewing magazine called Stitch. I picked up a copy yesterday at Artisan Books, and was pleasantly suprised (ok, not that suprised, I was expecting it to be good). There are four main patterns for skirts, of which I think I would only make the one shown on the cover, with the horizontal buttoned pleats. However, there are lots of other simple patterns, including a laptop bag, kimono-style baby jacket, pincushion, needle books, and a gorgeous sort-of log cabin quilt in really bright colours, with an almost African vibe.

The whole feel of the magazine is very modern and has that Scandinavian/zakka feel that I'm not particularly mad about (you know, lots of dull green and natural beige, screen prints of leaves, minimalistic, quirky design), but which is so popular at the moment. Nevertheless, the projects are simple but useful, and there is quite a variety of things to make.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Turkish Delight

My delightful friend John kindly gave me these slippers the other day, they are just the tiniest bit too small for me, but I think I am going to hang them on the wall as they are so bright and exotic. Why don't all shoes have hot pink pompoms on the front?

Here is the bra for my belly dancing costume, it's only half finished though. I covered a plain white bra with stretch glitter-dot fabric, and added some trim and sequins. The beaded fringing is from Egypt, I bought it on eBay along with some longer fringing for the belt. So far so good, but there is a lot of work left to do!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Black Hearts

These rings were meant to be our six year anniversary presents to each other (mine's the small one, the Wolf has the big one with the diamond in the end), but it took us this long to get the cash together, so they are six months late! They are by the lovely and talented William Llewellyn Griffiths, and they both have black CZ stones. Very romantic.

In other news, Underbelly, the belly dancing school I attend, is having their annual end-of-year performance on Thursday 11 December. Thus I am slaving over a hot sewing machine making my costume for the Belly Burlesque class. It's going to be very demure 50s style 'Arabian' number with much swirling of chiffon circle skirts and fluttering of feather fans.

I have to make two circle skirts, one white and one black, and a white and silver cabaret bra and belt set, which is mildly terrifying me at the moment. Have you ever looked at those things before? They are encrusted with seqins and beads, take hours and hours to make, and weigh about a ton. I started cutting out the belt today, and I have some amazing silver beaded fringing from Egypt which I ordered a couple of weeks ago, which will have to be hand stitched to the hem of the belt. It's actually fun, and a real challenge, but I need to step on it if I want to get it finished by the end of the month. I'll post some pictures of my work in progress when I have them.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

This is Halloween

A little late, but here are a couple of photos of my Halloween costume, scary huh! The ghost with me is my friend Vera, who wanted something cheap and easy to dress up in, hence the classic sheet-ghost, which I've never actually seen anyone dress up as in real life. Full marks to her for keeping it on all night, and even managing to drink and smoke and dance in it!

Note to self: do not try and buy white facepaint during your lunchbreak on Halloween, you will end up in the middle of an enormous queue in Bernard's Magic Shop, grinding your teeth in frustration while office workers stock up on fake blood and vampire teeth and devil horns. Not much fun.