Thursday, 2 October 2008

I Am Satan

Who would have thought that I could live there for 18 years and not know that I Am Satan is an anagram for Tasmania?! I just went down for a visit last week to see my parents, which was lovely. The weather was awful the whole time, lashing rain and howling winds, but on my last day it was quite pleasant and I managed to take this photo of a bird's nest, I think it was a blackbird or a starling. It was only about half a meter off the ground, and tipped at a rakish angle, so it looked as if the eggs were about to fall out! Perhaps a first time nest builder?

While I was there I went to visit my sister Zsuzsa is Hobart. She has a wonderful corner room as her studio, and this is the painting she was working on at the time. I love the red walls and the Virgin Mary statue in the corner.

I couldn't help but be crafty with parents like mine, they are always making things. My father's passion is weapons, he has a whole army of minature, working brass cannons, a few crossbows, and a small mortar, all made from scratch. This is a rather wonderful flintlock pistol that he has just finished, I didn't get a chance to fire it, but it is incredibly heavy, and rather elegant.

It's quite a complicated firing mechanism, and it strikes off sparks when you fire it, even if there is no bullet or powder in it at the time.

And last, but by no means least, the Wolf had his birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday! You can see the rather splendid Where the Wild Things Are card my mother sent him, and also my present, The Skull. Apparently a man can never have too many skulls and skeletons, and this one is a rather nice German medical reproduction with a cranium that opens. The eyeballs are my added touch, they are the same felt ones as on our Christmas tree last year, and they make me giggle because the skull looks so excited!

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