Sunday, 7 September 2008

Dolly Customising Afternoon Tea

Yesterday I went to a Blythe customising afternoon at Sue's house, which was great fun. I did my first bit of customising, changing Ivy's orange eyechips to pale lilac (with a lot of help from Natalie from Pixeldollies), and it was a success! There were lots more extreme surgeries going on, scalps being ripped off and replaced, heads being opened, etc.

This is Chuck, one of Sue's customised dolls, isn't she wonderfully creepy, like a little ghost!

And here is Ivy with her new lilac chips, much nicer I think. She's wearing a new dress I bought for her yesterday as well, and standing in front of my glorious irises, which have all come out at the same time.

Also, the Wolf and I went to see Opeth, an amazing Swedish heavy metal band, on Friday night at the Metro. They were just fantastic, really friendly and polite, played for ages, and performed flawlessly, so it was a great evening.

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