Monday, 21 July 2008

Apron Swap

The second swap I am in is a Blythe apron swap, and here you can see the little apron I made (check out the teeny tiny rickrack) and some other goodies. These include a Caramelo Koala (an Australian delicacy), origami paper and some little buttons and buckles for making doll clothes with. Strangely, my swap partner for this is the same as the last swap, so I hope she likes my style!

Also today I received an amazing parcel from my lovely cousin Alice and her friend Amanda, who in return for two pairs of matching monogrammed mittens, sent me a whole swag of makeup. It was like Christmas, I got (among other things) a YSL lipstick, some navy blue metallic Chanel nail polish, MAC eyeliner, lipstick and eye paint, Clinique blusher, and a Calvin Klein liquid eyeliner. I feel pretty, oh so pretty....

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