Sunday, 22 June 2008

More Dresses

Went to GJ's Discount Fabrics yesterday, which is probably my favourite fabric shop. The quilting room upstairs has some great prints, and I bought a whole lot of fat quarters from Japan, with tiny florals and miniscule gingham (possibly to make a shirt with). I also bought the paisley one above, from which I made Ivy a new sundress. The pattern I used was the Party Dress from Puchi Collective, and it was very easy to use and turned out nicely. Below is the A-line Dress, pattern from the same site. It's a bit more shapeless than I would really like it to be, but quite cute.

I've joined a couple of Blythe swaps over at Swap-bot, and I got my first swap partner today. It's an apron swap, and I think one of the fabrics I bought it going to be perfect for this particular person! Now I'm off to look at vintage apron patterns...

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