Sunday, 8 June 2008

I think I'm in love...

Oh dear, I seem to have caught the Blythe Disease! For anyone who isn't familiar with Blythe, she's a 12" doll with an enormous head and huge eyes which change colour when you pull a string on the back of her head. She looks a bit like Christina Ricci. The original Blythe dolls were made in 1972, but didn't take off with little girls (too creepy looking?). However, they became popular again in the late 90s and now a Japanese company makes new versions of them, with over 100 different ones to date.

So, I've finally plucked up the courage (and the cash) and bought a Rainy Day Parade Blythe on eBay, she should be arriving in about 10 days from Kansas. That's a picture of her above. I'm really excited, and I've found all these great forums and amazing patterns around the web, and I decided to make some clothes for her so she'll have something else to wear when she arrives (told you I'm crazy!). Of course I decided to try something really difficult, and chose a pattern for a ruffled dress, kindly scanned in by Murusaki on the Australian Blythe Forum. Not only did it involve bust darts, set in sleeves and tons of gathering (my least favourite thing in the world) but all the instructions were in Japanese! Why do I make things so difficult for myself?

As you can see, after a lot of cursing and unpicking, it actually turned out rather well. The original one was black and white gingham, but I had the pink stuff already. Also, there was a weird little ruffly thing that went down the front, but I couldn't really see properly how it went on, so I left it off, and made the collar black instead, and added a little black velvet belt. There was a pattern for the socks too so I made stripey ones, and the shoes I bought at Robio in Fitzroy.

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