Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Second Book

I finished this one last Wednesday night. It is A4 sized, which is not my favourite, I prefer a smaller, fatter book generally, but we all had to do the same. However, I love the colour, and I rolled some gold lines at the top and bottom of the spine (you can hardly see them in the photo). It was a little more complicated than the last one, below you can see the hollow spine that we did. Tucking the cover material in down the spine was quite difficult and scary as you have to do it quickly before the glue dries. It has chocolate coloured double endpapers too.

For our final book we are allowed to chose the format and materials. I've gone for something a little wider than A5, with 16 signatures, and I'm going to look for some interesting patterned or marbled paper for the endpapers. They are going to be half bound with leather, and it's a toss-up between red crocodile (just embossed with the print, not real crocodile!) or metallic bronze! The bronze stuff is amazing, I think people donate all sorts of weird stuff to the department, but it might turn out looking like Liberace's diary, so perhaps I'll stick with the red.

And this is my Minimalist cardigan, the back and right front done. The band of stockinette has rolled rather dramatically, so I hope it will smooth out when I block it. I really need to hurry up and finish it, so I can actually wear it sometime this winter!

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