Friday, 11 April 2008

Neil Gaiman

I'm terribly excited, one of my all-time-favourite authors is coming to Melbourne! Of course I mean the esteemed Neil Gaiman, who is speaking at the Children's Book Council of Australia conference at the beginning of May. The Wolf and I have tickets to see him there and also on the 5 May when he is doing a short talk and book signing at the State Library of Victoria. All the info is on his blog, which is also very interesting and sometimes quite amusing too. He is definately top of my list if I ever have the (unlikely) opportunity of choosing a famous person to have round to dinner. I have promised the Wolf that I will make him a new Death t-shirt to wear.

Last week I went to a really great exhibition at the aforementioned State Library of Victoria, called the Medieval Imagination. It is a collection of illuminated manuscripts from the 8th to the 16th centuries, and they are just breathtaking. The detail is truly amazing, and the colours are so rich and vibrant, and there were both sacred and secular works on display, including some gorgeous psalters and a wonderfully imaginative beastiary with a very amusing illustration of an elephant. Fortunately, the exhibition is free, so I will go back and see it a few more times.

I've been a little busy lately, and haven't finished anything worth mentioning, except I did manage to make one Ukrainian egg for Easter. It turned out a little darker than I had hoped, I had to swap between red and blue dye to obtain the right shade of purple, but it was fun doing all the tiny details. They are very time consuming, I wish I could do lots more of them.

Oh, and here is a card I made for my friend John's birthday, which was last Monday.

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