Friday, 22 February 2008

Zsuzsa Kollo

My sister Zsuzsa is having an exhibition at the moment at the Colville Street Art Gallery in Tasmania, and when I looked at the catalogue, I was suprised to see a painting of me! I didn't even know she had done it, it's called House of the Ancestors. I'm rather excited and flattered.

Another of her new paintings that I really like is House of Strings. She often paints her daughters and I think this might be my niece Kara as the model. Click here to see the rest of the exhibition.


  1. Hi Piroska, I have been trying to find works of your sister to purchase but, boy is it hard! I've been in contact with Colville and Despard Galleries in Tasmania but still no luck! Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreicated!!! Luisa

  2. Do the galleries not have any left? Zsuzsa is overseas at the moment, but I could put you in contact with her when she gets back, which should be in a few weeks. You can email me at