Sunday, 10 February 2008

My Bleeding Heart

St Valentine's Day is approaching, and here is a Valentines card I made for The Dabbled Black Heart Anti-Valentines Contest. It is about the size of a real human heart, done in watercolours on card, and has red fringing hanging down from the bottom, like blood.

In other news, I've started on the Look Sharp Socks, but I haven't progressed very far, because the pattern includes oodles of my most hated knitting technique. I don't mind sewing up seams, I actually prefer double pointed needles over circular, but I HATE picking up stitches! And of course this has you picking them up at the edge of every new little square, so I will have to force myself to continue. The Cascade Fixation is quite strange to knit with, spongy and springy, a little disconcerting. This photo is horribly dark and you can't really see what is going on.

I've also started another crochet project from The Happy Hooker, this is the Sweetpea Shawl. I had a whole lot of bamboo yarn from Lincraft that I foolishly thought would work for a top, but turned out to be way too floppy and devoid of any stretch or bounce. I've never used bamboo before but know figure that it should be treated like cotton. So I had to re-think my plans and use it for something else, hence the shawl.. It works up fairly quickly as it is mostly made up of double-treble stitches, and if I decide the red is too bright and offensive, apparently viscose (that's what bamboo is, basically) dyes well apparently. I'm thinking a deep blood red.

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  1. That's a beautiful pattern for the shawl. I need to get back into crocheting...but it seems the older I get, the longer my "wanna do" list gets!

    How cool to have found another Piroska! With similar interests, even!!