Sunday, 17 February 2008

I Love Etsy

I've just discovered the wonderful world of Etsy! There are so many people out there making beautiful things, I just had to get myself some of it. I bought a set of 30 stickers from Carambatack Design, which sells delicate drawings of girls with forests and stars in their hair. A few days later, a decorated letter from Norway arrived, and there were my stickers in a little wallet, with a note and everything! I'm so enchanted.

The Wolf's lovely Mother brought me round some Japanese origami paper this morning, which was very thoughtful of her. I have a terrible weakness for paper and stationary in any form.

On the creative front, I made my first piece of amigurumi, from Elisabeth Doherty's wonderfully titled book, Amigurui! Super Happy Crochet Cute.

Pattern: Fresh Strawberries by Elisabeth A. Doherty
Yarn: Cleckheaton Country 12ply
Hook: 3.5mm

I'm quite please with the way this turned out, it was very quick and easy. I think I would use acrylic yarn next time as this wool seems a trifle fuzzy, but I like the way the seed bead seeds look. I might make another one and go out in public with them on top of my hair, kind of Carmen Miranda meets Frida Kahlo!

I found this fabric at G J's Discount Fabrics, seriously one of the best places in Melbourne to buy fabric. They have lovely quilting stuff, lots of little patterns in great colours. I made a small zippered purse, which turned out quite well except I can never quite get the end of the zip right, and it always curves a bit. But I haven't made one of these for about a year, so it's not so bad.

The oak leaf pattern is apparentlyc called Cocheco II (1883-1889), from The American Textile History Museum.

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  1. Hello! That strawberry is adorable! I've made a few strawberry hats (knitted) with cleckheaton country, and they're also a little fuzzy.