Wednesday, 19 December 2007

An Addam's Family Christmas

It all started when I found the little black tree. I thought the Wolf would find it amusing as he likes black so very much. And what could I make for a black Christmas tree except gothy decorations?

Firstly I made some cheerful Voodoo hearts out of felt, dripping beads of blood.
Then a bottle of poison from some heavy gauge aluminium, coloured in with permanent marker.

I embroidered a skull and crossed bones on felt and used black sequins and white beads for the eyes, which gave them a pleasing googly appearance. The embroidery was all freehand, so I think it turned out quite well considering.

I rather enjoyed making the eyeballs, I used my new Clover needle felting tool, and several severely punctured fingers later, I had two delightfully creepy eyeballs. They seem to be looking at me from the tree...

The sequinned mushroom added another poisonous touch, the instructions come from Poopscape Projects.

The rabbit on top is actually a finger puppet from South America, and added the final idiotic touch.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more morbid decorations before Christmas Eve, if I have time.


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